Travelling with a dog – sharing my top products….


Hi guys, 

about five weeks ago we got back from our south tirol trip and you may have noticed that we took
Chloe with us this time. Usually she stays at my parents’ house when we are
gone for a few days but we always miss her so much so this time she was with
us. And I have to admit that there can´t be so many more things for travelling
with a baby than with a dog. She almost had a bigger bag than me. 

We informed
us about dog friendly places upfront (hotels and restaurants) cause you can´t
take your dog everywhere with you but since she can´t stay alone in the hotel
room she had to be with us the whole time.
So here is
a list of all the things we took with us including Chloe

 – Car box
with a soft blanket inside (she loves to ride by car – she falls asleep the
minute after we start the engine)
– sleep
– feeding
– water cup
for on-the-go (this is pretty cool)
 – water for
the car ride (we usually drink water with gas so I made sure to have a bottle
for Chloe without)
– blanket
– towels – we
went to lakes to get her refreshed
– different leashes
– I took a short one and a longer one with us (didn´t want to take her of the
leash as she doesn´t know the surroundings)
Food – I got
these small bowls for her. They are packed for one meal each so I can throw
them away and don´t have a big opened can in the hotel refrigerator

Feel free to ask me any other questions if there is something I forgot.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you.

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