Casual Saturday #13….

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Hi guys,

I haven´t done a Casual Saturday post the last two weeks because it wasn´t just enough we did to round up to you and also I had so much content I wanted to get out before summer fades away.

But today we are continuing with our normal schedule.

It was Florian´s grandmas birthday on Thursday so we went there for a birthday dinner. 

For Friday we had tickets for a big soccer game in Munich and there is an excursion with Florian´s soccer team today. 
We are heading back to Munich tomorrow to stay there for two days and are coming back on Monday.
Wow so many activities !!


I tried out some new stuff and one of it and above all was this double burger I made and since we stopped eating carbs I made the burger buns out of spinach cheese and egg. I have to admit they look a little strange and you might have to get used to it first but the taste was amazing.

Another meal or a desert I wanted to try out a long time was this skillet chocolate chip cookie. This is heaven you guys. HEAVEN. It takes nothing like a normal cookie. This is way better. I put some peanut butter and caramel ice cream on top which made it even better (and I thought we where avoiding carbs – whoops). The recipe is from Martha Stewart – you can view it here.

Another great thing I love to make in summer are salads. I just throw in any kind of stuff I find in the fridge or in my pantry. I like to add one warm ingridient to it like a grilled cheese in this case.

Since we love a good breakfast on weekends we tried these breakfast muffins and they are great. You can make them in a million different ways.


gingham blouse JDY
oversized jeans jacket LTB
black skinny jeans even & odd
flanel blouse Dorothy Perkins

brown faux leather skirt bonprix
black faux leather skirt bonprix

I am totally stocking up for fall guys. I am all about colder weather, pumpkin lattes and decorating for fall but don´t tell.

 I am still watching Pretty Little Liars and I am obsessed. Really obsessed. I like everything about the show. The characters, the story it never gets boring. 

Do you guys have any plans for your weekend?
This might be the last weekend we are so busy cause we have to get the house ready outside before fall hits us.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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