Lipcrayons – my favorites and review….

 (from left to right)
Manhattan Intense Lip Balm – 500 Frappuccino
Kiko Creamy Lipgloss – Color 107 Magenta
Catrice Matt Lip Artist – Barberry Hopping
Lóreal Paris Sexybalm – Bold 201 Wasted
Astor Lipcolor Butter – 025 Cheeky Girl
Hi dolls,
my #1 top beauty products are still lipsticks
and as those exist in various ways and shapes these days I am showing
you some of the lipcrayons I own and a little review about them. There
are some classic shades like red and nude but also some fresh ones for
upcoming Spring now like a poping pink.

These are my top 5. You can see from the swatches that they are pretty high pigmented. Your lips stay hydrated with this products and don´t start to dry out after quite a while. They don´t last the whole day but that is okay (for me) cause in fact they are just tinted lipbalms and there is no problem in putting them up again. In fact you don´t even need a mirror if you are a little trained. The prices range from 5 to 10 Euros per piece so I think they are really worth it if you are looking for a nice alternative for a lipstick. And how cute is the pink one from KIKO for Spring ?!

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you.

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