We are golden – current decoration trend….

Hi guys

as I am doing some research on lots of decoration articles and ideas – because I am setting up and decorating my office space (finally) – there is one color that pops out the most at the moment – GOLD
I don´t know if it is because of the season or just because it is trendy right now but I have never seen so many decoration items in gold. I do like it a lot so it influences the color theme of my office the most. In the meantime (before I am revealling a new room of my house)  I am showing you some of the items I have purchased yet and some I am still thinking about.

Gold is a great color to combine for example with black to make it look mysterious and interesting or with white to give it a fresh and sparkling look.
So here are some pieces I picked out from different stores:

Candle in a pineapple (isn´t this such a cute thing – they also have pears)

Vase (nice for flowers or even just alone)

Mirror (looks like the sun – a nice eyecatcher instead of a picture)


Wooden picture (I love the font and the dots)

Wooden picture ( not really with golden color but still a nice change to the other items)

Bowl for sweets or just as decoration

Little golden wire balls

Candlestick in an old golden color


Set of 3 little candleholders

Wishing you all a nice day and happy shopping.

Redecorationg always has been such fun for me. This is one of the things were I can be sooo creative and there are tons ideas popping up in my head.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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