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I am more than happy to shar another Wedding Wednesday post around here. Still have to left after this one. It was getting a little quiet with my wedding posts because the holiday content was just too much so this one had to go back to drafts until a free Wednesday which is today.

 It is probably the most important post of this series – the wedding dress. The bride wouldn´t be a bride without it so I wanted to share as many information about mine as I can.

I didn´t have the most detailed idea of what dress I wanted, the only three things which were very important to me are sleeves, a button tape with white buttons on the back and a long dress. 

My dress style is between an a-line and ball gown dress since I have such much faric (seven skirts underneath).  The dress has an in-built corset and a natural waistline (which works very well for every body type). Around the waist line is a belt draped with a little flower arrangement including some silvery pearls.

The neckline is sweetheart and covered with a longleeve made from lace and flower embroidery on the sleeves and on the neckline. Now we are at my favorite part of the dress. The low back with the many many white silk buttons I wanted so badly. A little plus for me – the sleeves also had buttons. Wasn´t too good for getting ready but I had one bridesmaid on each arm and my mum at the back so the buttons where closed in time.

I have never heard of the designer before. It is a Belgian label called Jarice Bridal and my style is called My Dream from their Elegance line. I have to admit I didn´t have a special designer in mind. I just wanted a dress I was a 100 % happy with and I found it. In the first store after trying on about 15 dresses.

It had to be fitted twice. First they shortened it and the second time they made it a little wider around the waist cause I was so anxious it wouldn´t fit on my wedding day but it did and was perfect. 

Looking back I wouldn´t change a thing about the dress and get the same one again.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are a bride-to-be be sure to check out my wedding tab. Maybe your can find some information to help you plan your big day.

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