Wedding Wednesday – details on my Wedding Dress….


Good morning y´all,

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I am more than happy to shar another Wedding Wednesday post around here. Still have to left after this one. It was getting a little quiet with my wedding posts because the holiday content was just too much so this one had to go back to drafts until a free Wednesday which is today.

 It is probably the most important post of this series – the wedding dress. The bride wouldn´t be a bride without it so I wanted to share as many information about mine as I can.

I didn´t have the most detailed idea of what dress I wanted, the only three things which were very important to me are sleeves, a button tape with white buttons on the back and a long dress. 

My dress style is between an a-line and ball gown dress since I have such much faric (seven skirts underneath).  The dress has an in-built corset and a natural waistline (which works very well for every body type). Around the waist line is a belt draped with a little flower arrangement including some silvery pearls.

The neckline is sweetheart and covered with a longleeve made from lace and flower embroidery on the sleeves and on the neckline. Now we are at my favorite part of the dress. The low back with the many many white silk buttons I wanted so badly. A little plus for me – the sleeves also had buttons. Wasn´t too good for getting ready but I had one bridesmaid on each arm and my mum at the back so the buttons where closed in time.

I have never heard of the designer before. It is a Belgian label called Jarice Bridal and my style is called My Dream from their Elegance line. I have to admit I didn´t have a special designer in mind. I just wanted a dress I was a 100 % happy with and I found it. In the first store after trying on about 15 dresses.

It had to be fitted twice. First they shortened it and the second time they made it a little wider around the waist cause I was so anxious it wouldn´t fit on my wedding day but it did and was perfect. 

Looking back I wouldn´t change a thing about the dress and get the same one again.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are a bride-to-be be sure to check out my wedding tab. Maybe your can find some information to help you plan your big day.


Wedding Wednesday – our dinner table decoration in the prettiest fall colors….


Hi guys,
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I always loved fall, maybe you have recognized it by my posts. Fall posts are always my most read and also the ones I put the most effort into. The colors of the leaves, the fresh cool air, the mysterious fog and overall the happiness for the holiday season starts.
So when we got enganged last Christmas Eve (wow it already has been a month) I already knew I wanted to get married in fall to have the perfect fall themed wedding.
But let´s go back when I had to decide on the decoration and the color theme. I always wanted a dark orange and a rich burgundy color for my wedding but let´s just say I took a little detour before I finally decided. 
Last year was the year of the Great Gatsby or 20´s inspired weddings (almost everyone we knew and the people they knew took advantage of that theme) and so I thought maybe I would love a  black and gold wedding theme full of sequins. Don´t get me wrong I love it at anytime but I ordered many samples for different things I needed and I just couldn´t get into it at all. That was the moment where my rustic and rich colored fall wedding theme came back to my mind and I took it right away. 

After that the first thing I did was to order two books I worked with quite a lot (Style me Pretty Weddings and The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook) and the other thing was that I created a new Pinterest board all things fall wedding and finally my decor imaginations came together.

I started of with the wooden discs and the jute table runner. This was the rustic point. Another thing I knew I wanted were plenty of pumpkins. I love pumpkins, not only the shape but the rich colors and also the taste. We have lots of pumpkin patches nearby so the only problem was if they would already be available in the middle of September. 
To add some chic to the rustic feeling I got two golden brass candle holder. Each of them was made for long white taper candles. Looked so elegant and so beautiful at night. The windlights had been a DIY project I made with my SIL and tured out very pretty (view the whole post here). So now that all of the decoration is complete the only thing that is missing here are flowers.
All of the flower arrangement were made by a local flower shop I have gotten bouquets for birthdays, Christmas or other special ocassions for year and I absolutely trusted them. And they did not disappoint at all. They made the most beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements I have ever seen. 
All the stationery like the table cards, the seating chart and the name cards are made by Kartchenmacherei. de, I have used their online shop for everything I needed this far and recently got our Thanksgiving and Family Christmas Dinner invitations made by them.

Maybe this helped a little if you are planning a wedding. It is safe to say your life is easier if you are set on a color theme. This is probably the hardest decicion since it defines your whole day from flower bouquets to decor to the wedding cake.
 I hope you enjoy reading my Wedding Wednesday posts as much as I enjoy writting them for you. Still have two or three in draft I am definitely gonna post. If you want to have a look at what I have already written about head over to the Wedding tab.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Photography by Tine Kirchmayer

Wedding Wednesday – getting ready….

bridesmaid dresses Asos style Maya / my earrings Swarovski / Bride morning gown Asos / Bridesmaid morning gown Asos sold out similar here and here


Happy Wedding Wednesday you guys,

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I hope you had a great week so far. Mine wasn´t too bad but Monday hit me like a steel freight train (to quote James Morrison) and I still don´t know why. But let´s give it a rest and have a look at one of my last Wedding Wednesday posts (the last 4 are already in draft). 

As I planned out the timeline for the day I wanted to make sure that there would be enough time to get ready and enjoy a few single moments of laughing and sipping some bubbly and getting wedding ready with my bridesmaids. I think this has kept me as calm as I was (I almost was a little shocked that I wasn´t more nervous) cause there was no pressure at all. Everybody was happy and nice and everythink worked out just the way we talked about it. We took lots of picutres while getting ready and it honestly was a blast almost like our bachelorette weekend a few months earlier. 

So for makeup (view the full post on my wedding makeup here) we did it on our own and our hair was made by a local hair dresser. After we all got back our photographer came and started taking picutures of the dresses, the jewelry and all the little things we would have forgotten to tell here. She really was such a sweetie. Kept track of the time and understood everything I wanted. This also helped a lot cause you only get ready once on your wedding day and I wanted a bunch of pictures with my girls so badly. I think we now have more than expected, so check.

The bridesmaids dresses are from Asos and I think they where really happy with them. I totally loved the top with sequins all over and the tulle skirt. But most important was that they have most of their dresses in three lenghts. Normal, petite and long. We needed two in a normal size and one in long so this could have ended really disappointing going shopping. So we gave it a shoot and ordered about 6 dresses from their bridesmaids selection and went with this one right away. 

If you are in need of bridesmaid dresses be sure to check their selection as they have so many different colors, lenghts and sizes and also a huge maternity section.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Photos by Tine Kirchmayer

Wedding Wednesday – my bridal makeup and all the products I used….


Good morning my darling friends,
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I am sharing my wedding make-up look with you today. I am very picky with make-up and if I don´t end up liking the feeling of a product on my face I have to remove it.

For this and some other reasons I decided to my wedding make-up by myself. If Duchess Kate can do it so can I, am I right? I have started months before to test out products I heard where worth the splurge to find the perfect makeup combos for my wedding makeup. 

These are my top picks for the face:
Face Cream – Clinique Acne Solutions all-over clearing treatment

Face Primer – Kiko Matte Face Base
Concealer – Lancome color
Foundation – MAC Studio Fix color
Face Powder – Maybelline Fit Me color 
Fixing Powder – MAC Translucent Powder 

Side note: I always let the product set for about 10 minutes before I put on the next one. So for example if you are using a face primer let it set before applying your concealer and same with your foundation.

Highlighter – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
For the lips: 
Lip Primer – MAC Prep + Prime Lip
Liner – MAC Lip Pencil color Dervish
Lip color – Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick color Big Spender

For the eyes/brows:
Fake Lashes – Red Cherry model 747S
Lash Glue – Fing´rs
Under eye highlight – Smashbox Cali Contour Palette
Finishing spray – MAC Prep + Prime Fix Rose

I really loved my makeup and think it was the right decision doing it by myself. I also know that it was kind of colorful and bold since most brides go with a nude lipstick and just a hint of blush, but this is how I am and how I feel best so I think this was totally appropriate for me cause in the end I was the bride and had to feel as comfortable and pretty as possible. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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