Wedding Wednesday – our wedding invitations for a fall wedding….


Hi guys,

finding the right (for me) invitation cards has been a longer process than I wanted it to be. I just thought I would go online and could find some I would love after searching. But I searched a long time and ordered a sample of 6 different styles. After that I wasn´t even quite sure. 
I wanted to find a place where I could get everything I needed in the same style which means invitations, rsvp cards, envelopes, menus and place cards. They should also have thank you cards for after the wedding. I found some I liked on

This was really harder than I thought and I have to say thank god I finally found some. Inivitatons shouldn´t be the last piece of a wedding to get done.

The style I ordered is called flower garland (Blumengirlande). I took the long cards in a mother-of-pearl shade and the burgundy color for the font. 

This was the invitation which came closest to my romantic fall wedding theme I wanted. And in the end I love how it turned out. With the shiny paper and the small flowers on top of the card.

The stamps on the cards are from the personalization service from the german mail service. I did not know that this was possible (found out about it in a coincidence) but the service is really great. Not only can you choose from different pictures for different ocassions you can also upload your own. In fact this service is pretty great and I am very happy that the german mail service is offering this too now.

Thanks for stopping by. And be sure to check back on Wednesday´s if you are interested into more wedding content.

Take care. See you. 

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