Wedding Wednesday – what to put into the bridesmaids boxes….

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Hi guys,

you all know by now that we are getting MARRIED and it is still so unreal to me. A huge factor and help every bride are the bridesmaids. Whether you have 1 or 20 bridesmaids they are supposed to help you, to give you advice and to stand by your side when it comes to deciding elementary wedding questions.

I have three bridesmaids. My two best friends I have known for several years now and Florian´s sister who has also become such a good and close friend.

I made a package for each of them going along with a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card I have found at the My Bridal Shower internet shop. 

I got the boxes (only available in stores) in creme in the largest size they had from nanu-nana. A store with decoration items you can also find online. I stuffed the boxes with excelsior. Not the normal one for moving. I got a way softer material so it wouldn´t scratch a thing. To cover everything before the cap of the box was coming on top I got this pink tissue also from amazon – matched the theme pretty well.

But let´s get to the goodies. I got a personalized champagne glass for each of them with has their name engraved. Of course I had to add some bubbly too, cause how bad would be an empty glass? To round up the fabulous taste of the Freixenet rose champagne I also got small boxes with all the classic chocolate pralines from Lindt I enjoy so much. They also came in a gorgeous matching pink shade.

Why not gifting a good smelling box? I figured the easiest way to pull that off would be by adding a Yankee Candle since the fragrances are insane intense and this small candle really is enough for the size of the box. Also it says Wedding Day and I already do have the big jar of it.

The pink bridesmaid gowns had to be a part of the box and maybe they are also the main part but since I got myself a white bride robe I wanted to get my bridesmaids the matching pink ones. We can all wear them while getting ready. 

And last but not least is the cutest thing I have seen in such a long time. I also had this product in my a monthly favorites post many month ago. A tiny beauty bag from NoOps. These are just the cutest and you would be surprised as much as you would be impressed how much different stuff this little case holds (a headband, 4 bobby pins, a nailfile, clear nail polish, three towelettes, a lip balm, blotting papers, tooth sticks, make-up remover wipes, a mini sewing set and two buttons). Unbelievable right!!!!
What did you gift your bridesmaids and would you have any other ideas ?
Thanks for stopping by. 
Take care. See you.

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