Weekly Review #2


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The week has started with a visit to the dentist on Monday morning. Not the greatest start if you ask me but at least is was a over in about 20 minutes. Other than than it was the first official week after Winter break so Kindergarten has started again and all the other activites we have on our plate. Definitely nice to have our schedule back but I have enjoyed our slow days a lot as well as having Emilia home the whole day.



It was a pretty good week in terms of easy and quick family meals. I have incorporated some new recipes and we liked everything we made. The Pork Sandwiches definitley were my highlight of the week.

Monday – Milk Rice

Tuesday – Pork Sandwiches

Wednesday – Chicken Skewers and Potatoe Salad

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Girl Dinner

Saturday – Oven Cheese and Ciabatta

Sunday – Tomatoe Salad 


In my opinion it was a very fashionable week and I have loved all of my outfit choices. I try to incorporate vibrant colors on the days I feel blah or the weather is very depressing. Also I am looking so much forward to Spring cause who wouldn´t like warmer temperatures ??!!


It was a super cold week so every attempt to get out for some fresh air immediately failed. -10 degrees are just too cold for small children and the wind and snow makes it even colder. So we had lots of fun in our playroom (going to do a reveal soon). thank god for that. 


I have finished some little things regarding our playroom so I can hopefully share it next month with you and on another note how cool can a little toddler look – I mean patent boots and bootcut pants !!!!


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