Weekly Review #8…


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Sometimes I wish I had to write a little more interesting things for you guys but in the end this is just like a little journal for myself so I can remember things we did or that happened. I have done a lot of cleaning this week so nothing too note worthy. Hopefully the weather stays great next week and gets a little warmer cause it makes me so excited for all the acitivites piled up. 

We sadly have finished Yellowstone and I think I am going to rewatch it. I just love the wide open nature scenes, the horseback riding and of course the cowboy style so much. Currently we are watching Griselda and it is not bad but I just can´t get into it yet. We´ll see.

Flower have started to bloom and I really can see the end of the long and cold Winter tunnel. We have also had many sunny days in a row so it clearly is getting better. 



I am very proud of myself for cooking so much homemade meals this week. Currently patting myself on the shoulder:

Tomatoe soup and grilled cheese

Brokkoli and schnitzel

Scrambled eggs with sausage, hot sauce and roasted onions


Strammer Max (a piece of bread with ham, a sunny side up egg and melted cheese on top)



Coats get lighter and everything else as well. I have so many cute and colorful pieces I want to wear over the next few weeks. Yes to bright Spring colors.




Was in very high spirits cause the week has been so nice but on the weekend it was still pretty cool and would have been too cold for the girls to be out for hours so we split our time between indoor playing and taking fresh air breaks in the garden. 



I started reorganizing my dressing room this week to maximize space, to organize my Summer clothes so I can see what I still have and fits and overall to get rid of things I won´t wear anymore. This time of the year I always get in such a Spring deep cleaning, organizing and purging mode. Just want to start the new season fresh and organized.


Quote of the Week

Don´t look back, you are not going that way

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