Weekly Review 7…


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Another week has just flown by. There have been things in this week that could have easily been a few weeks away. I just don´t know how fast time flies these days. It is mind blowing and it probably will get worse when Spring and Summer with all its activities starts.


I have done pretty well on the meal front this week. Finally made a meal plan again and cooked strictly what it said

Steak and potatoes 

Potatoe soup

Pulled pancakes with applesauce

Beef wraps

Greek meat and rice in pita bread





It was a nice week with unusual warm temps for February so we went on a couple of longer walks and to the playground and we also headed out to a little day trip with the girls to get in some culture and cake. My favorite pairing.

We also had a Valentine´s Day date at home cause we didn´t have the nerve to go out and it was really nice. The steak was delicous.

Also we had one last carnival party for the kids until next year. My two little fairies dance the afternoon away.


Frozen birthday party planning has officially started this week. I had an appointment to order the cake and I also got some party decor now I need a little more and cute things for the kids goodie bags. So so excited !!!

Quote of the Week

Whatever you´re doing this week, do it with the confidence of a 4 year old in a Batman t-shirt

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