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Good morning friends,

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How was your weekend? I hope you where doing great and had awesome Easter festivities. We are back from our getaway in Hamburg and although it only have been three days I am happy to be back home. City trips are always so exhausting as you want to fit in as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I wanted to share a thing or two about my eyes today and to what it led me. About a year ago I started to recognize that I have gotten dry and itchy eyes which seem to get worse over the day and there wasn´t even much relive at night. I started wondering what it could be (I do have pollen allergies so I first thought this was the trigger) but in the end it wasn´t. I used eye drops but they only helped a little and were all over my face after using them. So slightly I turned into a racoon. Side note – I am horrible with all things eyes. It freaks me out to have to put something into my eye or even touch the inside. So with that said you now know how bad I am with eye drops and everything else. Thank god I need no contacts.

The eye doctor was the one who game me my solution. He said the bluelight of all things electronic I am using throughout the day causes dry and itchy and hurting eyes. All things computer, phone, TV and so on. And it made total sense. The blueglight is much more flashy than other light sources so it is an additional load for your eye. The recommended to get a pair of bluelight blocking glasses to wear whean working with electronics and that was what I did. I got my glasses in tortoiseshell optic off of amazon for around 20 Euro. They have endless options there so make sure to have a look.

After using the glasses regularly my eyes went back to normal which I am very glad about because of the pain and it was also annoying to have your makeup all over. Still using the same pair I have gotten. You can see the difference below. They have a yellow/brown colored lens which takes away a lot of the harsh white light.

Another thing I have found out about the bluelight is that it can cause trouble falling aspleep. Bluelight is also a natural occurrence in the daily sunlight. It tells your body that it is daytime and you shouldn´t be sleepy at all. So when you are watching a lot of TV or are on your phone right before bed or even working late at night your body thinks there is still no bedtime and that is one reason which makes it harder or quite impossible for many people to fall asleep (of course there may other reasons involved but just saying of giving it a try).

I would love to hear what you think about this kind of posts and as always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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