Working out….

Hi guys
working out has always been hard for me. Not just because I don´t like the most types of sport – or I am really bad at them- but aren´t we all getting lazy through the winter months. And after starting working out again you gotta be consistent. Getting back or just getting into a regular work out plan because there are so many other seductions like going out with friends or going on a date or just watching netflix the whole day which seems to be more inviting than going to the gym….
This is why I choose this app for myself – Mad Barz.
It is a workout app you can install on your tablet or your phone and get started immidiately and get your workout done at home.

You can choose between different workouts – depending on what part of your body you want to train.

I think it is a great option to train at home and it really works (it does for me) even if it is just about 20 minutes every day……
Here are some pieces of clothing wich would look great on you working out:
Which part of your body would you like to train ?
Which workouts do you prefer ?
Wishing you a nice weekend.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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