Current Make-Up picks – Essence, Manhattan

Hi Guys 

today I am telling you a little about my current make-up picks. Just picked them up a few days ago so they should be still in stock.

the gel nail polish in vibrant blue and baby pink. Both ultimate summer colors.

Normally I don´t buy eyeshadow palttes, because I have so many eyeshadows from the coastal scentss 88 palettes. But the colors were so cute and I really liked them so they got into the shopping cart. 

Manhattan has great eyeshadows, virbrant colors, long lasting and high pigmented aaaannnnndddd not expensive at all.

This is the quattro eyemazing eyeshadow palette

The last two things I purchased are two lipliners from essence. Earlier I hadn´t bought them because I never used lipliners for such light colors . But now I use the lipliners as main lip product. They have such a longlasting effect and they stay really matt. Or you can wear the light colors under a gloss to get a brighter effect.

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