3 Tips on how to avoid killing your indoor plants…


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I truly have become a plant lady over the years. If you took a look in my living room about 10 years ago you would not find a plant at all and at best some dried up ones on the balcony. I have gone through trial and error and I think I can finally keep the plants I have in my home alive.

There really is no witchery to it. For me it is following the rules and plan which has kept my plants alive. Of course I have lost some down the road but I have never had indoor plants as long as I had my current ones.

How to keep your indoor plants alive

Stick to a watering schedule

Now during Winter times your plants won´t need as much water as during the heat of the Summer months (at least ours don´t cause we do not pump up the heat like crazy indoors – this might be different for everyone). I water all of the plants once a week and let the orchids and the succulents sit in the sink with clear cold water for about an hour. 

Dust the leaves once a month

This has been a total game changer in my opinion. Plants absorb sun light and all their needed nutritions through their leaves so if they are super dusty they can not successfully “breeze” and get worse over time. You would not believe how much dust leaves are collecting. A soft microfiber cloth is all you need and it is reusable.

Location, location, location

For your indoor plants this isn´t as important as for real estate but I would at least put them somewhere near their desired location and not in the opposite direction. 


As a bonus you can add some fertilizer to the potting soil every once in a while.


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