Weekend getaway……..

Hi guys and happy Monday,

isn´t it always nice to get out of our daily routine even if it is just for a weekend ??

My boyfriend and I do have lots of places which are nearby and we both would like to see.

So this is what we choose for this time: Salzburg in Austria

I have been there twice already. It is a really pretty and old city. It has the house of Mozart the famous musician and poet who wrote plays like Cosi van tutti and a lot more…

The also do have an old fortress on the top of the city. You can go there by foot or you can take the cable railway. You have a nice view from out the cabins but it is also pretty high.

The also have a zoo and another big castle outside the city but we didn´t have this much time to get a closer look at everything and it also shouldn´t get that stressful.

It is a really nice and very modern hotel. It isn´t directly located in the city centre – but you can go by bus – takes only 15 minutes – really quick and comfortable into the city, so you won´t get stuck in traffic and you won´t have a parking spot problem. 
The rooms have a wooden flooring and a balcony, a really comfortable Sessel, a double bed and a TV. You could also get two single beds in one room. 
They got an english breakfast buffet in the morning with scrambled eggs and bacon and beans, tea and coffee. And also croissants and rolls and cheese, jam, sausage and cereals. More than enough.

For Lunch we went to the Zipfer Bierhaus – they have their own beer brand and also delicious and hearty food. I can recommend the Grill Plate with vegetables and french fries and also the Tiroler Gröstl (made of bacon, potatoes and egg).

After exploring the city and looking at lots of menus we decided to have dinner at the Sternbräu. 
This is such a cool restaurant. It has 4 entries, one on each side and there is a different location at every side. They have a lounge, a restaurant, a coffee shop and a “Beergarden” where you can sit outside for dinner. Pretty awesome !!
I went for the spinach dumplings – they were so great that I cooked them for us last week and they almost tasted as good as the original ones – with a sauce of melted butter and parmesan cheese. Yummy 🙂
My boyfriend ate the roasted pork with a sauce made of dark beer and also dumplings (but without the filling). The meat was so tender – just delicious.
We couldn´t eat a desert so I can´t give you any advice about that cause the main dish was so much.

There is one street in the city centre where are all the shops located. It is called the Getreidegasse.
They got all the stores we already know like Mango, Zara and H&M. But there is also a Louis Vuitton and a Massimo Dutti. I went to Claire´s because I like looking arround for jewelry and decoration stuff and cute little things. You also need to go to the Fürst shop. They sell the original Mozart Kugeln – filled with marzipan and pistachio. 
It had been a nice change to get away – even if it was just for 2 days – just to be together and have a great time exploring another city and enjoying great food.
Stay tuned for our next getaway 🙂
Take care. See you. Love K.

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