A Crunch for Every Season…


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We love our Crunch over here. No matter the holiday or the ocassion, this is always a top seller in our home. It might be the taste – the sweetness from the white chocolate, the crunchiness from the pretzels and puffs and the hint of salt from the macadamia nuts. Whatever it is, it´s highly addictive and a match made in heaven !!!

The 4 key ingredients are always the same

– puffs

– macadamia nuts

– little pretzels 

– white chocolate

… and then I add seasonal things. I love to add little chocolate eggs for our bunny bait and sprinkles and M&M´s is vibrant Spring colors like green and yellow. I have also found little carrot sprinkles. How adorable are these.


Monster and Bunny Bait for Halloween and Easter 

Christmas Crunch

My favorite Christmas colors are red and green and a frosty white. This is also how our Christmas crunch looks. I add red and green M&M´s to the mix as well as little marshmallows and Christmas themed sprinkles. Can you spot the little trees???

As far as storage goes – if it lasts that long 😉 – you can use some airtight container like Tupperware or Mason Jars. If you want to gift it I would recommend little sheer fabric or plastic bags. You can add tags as well or little cards.

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