A Crunch for Every Season…


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We love our Crunch over here. No matter the holiday or the ocassion, this is always a top seller in our home. It might be the taste – the sweetness from the white chocolate, the crunchiness from the pretzels and puffs and the hint of salt from the macadamia nuts. Whatever it is, it´s highly addictive and a match made in heaven !!!

The 4 key ingredients are always the same

– puffs

– macadamia nuts

– little pretzels 

– white chocolate

… and then I add seasonal things. I love to add little chocolate eggs for our bunny bait and sprinkles and M&M´s is vibrant Spring colors like green and yellow. I have also found little carrot sprinkles. How adorable are these.


Monster and Bunny Bait for Halloween and Easter 

Christmas Crunch

My favorite Christmas colors are red and green and a frosty white. This is also how our Christmas crunch looks. I add red and green M&M´s to the mix as well as little marshmallows and Christmas themed sprinkles. Can you spot the little trees???

As far as storage goes – if it lasts that long 😉 – you can use some airtight container like Tupperware or Mason Jars. If you want to gift it I would recommend little sheer fabric or plastic bags. You can add tags as well or little cards.


Delicious Bunny Bait as an Easter Treat…


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With Easter right around the corner I just can´t wait for all the delicious treats that come along our way and also for our big Easter brunch. I still have some other recipes I wanted to share with you but I couldn´t wait for the Bunny Bait cause it is so easy, funny and yummy plus it is amazing to gift to your family and friends. 

Colorwise there are endless possibilities but to make it Easter appropriate I went with green, yellow and orange. It looks so beautiful and springy I just love it. 

For our Bunny Bait I have used:

– mini pretzels

– macadamia nuts

– oat pillows 

– sprinkle mix Easter themed 

– crunch balls 

– M&M´s 

– white choclate

Quantities aren´t really that important here. I have used one cup of all the main ingredients and the sprinkles and M&M´s just to cover the crunch.

You can add and take away as many as you want. I have also made a Reel that you can watch on my Instagram account if you are interested. 

First I mix all the dry ingredients, then I put in the chocolate and stir, stir, stir. After that I spread the whole batter on a sheet pan and evenly distribute the sprinkles, crunch balls, M&M´s and everything else you want to use to decorate. Now you have to wait until the chocolate hardends. It can take up some hours. 

Then I break it into little pieces to put into Weck jars to keep it fresh or if you want to gift it you can put it into little paper or plastic bags. Also if you want to gift it for Easter you can definitely put on some bunny shaped tags. 


Cheesecake on a Stick – Colorful Spring and Easter Dessert…


Some recipes are made for eternity and will be made uncountable times in your life and a cheesecake is one of it in my opinion. It is easy, classic, usually a crowd pleaser and can be super versatile by adding what you like as topping or filling as well.

So for our Easter brunch I make a carrot cake every year and decided I want to add a fancy version of my chesesecake as well.

Lots of color is one thing I especially like when Spring rolls around, the other thing is and over the top topping on my cake. I can not eat much of it cause of my Gestational Diabetes but I already made a little list on what I am going to eat first after this baby will be born.

The recipe itself is pretty easy. It is a cheesebake without the crust so you only have to make the batter and put it into the oven for about 50 minutes at 170° degrees.

So here are the ingredients you will need:

– 250 gr of soft butter

– 250 gr of white sugar

– 4 egg yolks

– 4 egg whites

– zest of 1 lemon

– 125 gr semolina

– 2 teaspoons of baking soda

– 1 package of vanilla pudding

– 750 gr of lowfat quark

– pinch of salt

– mix butter, sugar and salt together until creamy

– add the eggy yolks and mix until smooth

– now add the lemon zest, semolina, baking soda, vanilla pudding and quark until your batter is super smooth

– beat the egg whites in a separate bowl until they are fluffy and firm and then carefully fold it into your quark batter 

– put your batter into your cake tin and then bake 

After letting it sit to cool in the cake tin (which is absolutely necessary cause the dough won´t get hard unitl it has cooled of) I cut it into about 12 to 15 pieces, depends on the thickness of the cake and put them on a sheet of baking paper. Then I cut the straws and put them into the middle of the cheesecake. I love to match the decor with the straws but that is just a personal preference of mine.

For the deocr of my cheesecake on a stick I got different colored candy melts from Wilton. They are the easiest to melt and have super fun colors. I also added some crispy chocolate eggs, sprinkles and chocolate chips to the mix.

As for decorating the cheesecake I am drizzling the chocolate all over the piece of cake. I tried to dip it into but it gets to heavy and is to much to eat if it is covererd fully in chocolate but that is your decicison. Just make sure the chocolate is super liquid so you get a nice finish when it hardens on your piece of cake. After that I immediately put my toppings on the hot chocolate so it sticks to it when it gets cold.

These are three examples I made on the weekend but you can really use any chocolate color or topping you would like. Fresh fruit may also look really cute but it won´t last as long.


Easy Dessert Recipe – Chocolate covered Strawberries…


Hitting June next week means we are officially in strawberry season. Strawberries are amongst other berries my favorite fruit and I love them with eveything and on anything but the easiest and probably prettiest of all Strawberry dessert options are chocolate covered strawberries. 

Why are they the best ? First of all the are covered in chocolate, second of all it is a super easy and quick dessert idea and third I don´t know anyone who wouldn´t like this.

I used dark chocolate for this but you could use any type you like. Just melt it down and cover your strawberries as you like half or the whole fruit.

To make the dish extra delightful I went and made a delicous dip. You don´t have to cause they taste amazing on their own but I thought a little luscious side cream won´t hurt. It is made from whipped cream and marcarpone plus I added one teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

That´s it. A super easy thing for those long Summer evenings you don´t want to waste hours in the kitchen preparing for guests. 

I am going to share another Reel tomorrow but I am still not sure what theme. So check it out my Instagram if you are interested.

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