Food Friday – vegetarian zucchini burger….


It´s Friday y´all,

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finally and guess what – the weather is a whole lot better than the days before. Remember my Tuesday post? All complaining about a never ending bad weather losing streak and now 20° C and sunshine.

So for today´s Food Friday post I am sharing a delicious burger recipe. I mean who doesn´t like burger am I right? And to be one step ahead I am riding the vegetarian wave here and offer you a zucchini patty between your two crispy buns.

This recipe is super easy and can totally save your evening cause it is also quick in the making, so delicious and has less fat and calories than any other burger patty. So if you can remember the zucchini poppers I made for last years soccer World Championship, this is the same, that´s all you need for you vegetarian zucchini burger. Just flat. You can find the recipe here

All you have to add is whatever you like with your burger. That may be onions, cheese and salad or none of these ingredients at all. You can arrange it as you like. Maybe top it of with some fresh and crispy bacon if you aren´t a total vegetarian.

Another thing I love for BBQ season or Summer overall is cider. A cup of fresh and sparkly tasteful cider. Ice cold with some ice cubes. Tasting like apples or pears or berries. Isn´t that something you want to start your weekend with. Hopefully it stays warm enough this weekend to open a bottle or two.

We are also invited to a picnic on Sunday. Tricky when the weather isn´t acting in your favor. Also as your read this right know I am sitting at my hairdressers salon to freshen up my blonde and to get rid of some of the dry hair splits. Maybe I am sharing some before and after pics on my Instagram account. Be sure to follow @madame_schischi.

As always thanks for stopping by and I am wishing you a lovely weekend filled with lots of sunshine and warmth.

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Quick and easy mini cakes for Mother´s Day…


Happy Friday you guys,

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Mother´s Day is on Sunday and even if you don´t have a present it might be nice to gift your mom some handmade mini cakes. Often it doesn´t have to be a fancy and expensive present, it is the thought that counts and people knowing that your are thinking of them.

I first had planned to make little heart shaped cakes but to be honest they didn´t work out the way I wanted and they also turned out ugly. So I rethought my idea and made pink mini cakes for Mother´s Day instead. I mean pink is never a bad idea am I right?

And to be perfectly honest I used a baking mix and just added the required ingredients and some pink Wilton food color. Pretty simple. Almost a little embarassing. Almost.

So after baking I waited until the little cakes were really cooled off because I wanted the topping to be whipped cream which would have melted right off by the wrong temperature. In fact you can use almost any pipe to create these little ornaments for decoration. Just try some until you end up liking one.

To add some “health” and more color I went with fresh raspberry for the middle of the cake but you can take any fruit you like. I first wanted to put a raspberry on each of the cream towers but they were way to big so I ended up using just one and ate the rest by myself.

See, it isn´t much off an effort to do something nice for another person and make them feel worshipped.

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