Cutest Amazon Fall Decor Finds to buy now…


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Happy first day of fall, y´all !!! Today marks the first day of the best season of the year. We are going to have a busy time ahead of us with lots of holiday decor and festivities.

I wanted to share this whole list of amazon Fall decor cause it will sell out fast like it does every year. Ordering early is key here. You can go classic bright orange or you do a neutral color theme with beige, gold and green. 

The table runner is currently sitting on our dining room table and it is a nice chance to my usual orange 




Amazon Fall Decor



How to add that Wild West Flair to your Living Room…


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I love home deocr. It is my second passion after fashion and I love to change the decor in our home but mostly just swap out some pieces to keep it fitting into my main decor theme.

Lately I have been loving anyhting Western or Wild West themed and I wanted to incorporate more of this up and coming trend into my living room style.

How to add some Western Chic to your Living Room


The first materials that come to my mind are leather, cow hide, denim and wood. 



There are several pattern I have loved and I would also try to incorporate. Of course everything in moderation to give it that Wild West flair. It can look tacky pretty quick. First of all a cow spots pattern is a classic. Another pattern but very underrated and often not thought about is a native american pattern (hopefully I am not offending anyone but I just didn´t know how else to call it). Horses of course are amazing.


I would say the typical colors to incorporate are hues of brown from wood and horses, dark orange form the stones, dark green from the little fresh trees which are left, turquoise from the lakes and skies and beige from the pampas grass. 



I would guess that there wasn´t much greenery in the Wild West so we go with pampas grass here, as well as cactuses.

Typical Wild West Pieces

I´d say a cow skull or buffallo somewhere on a picture or as a sculpture. 


So this is how our living room looks at the moment. I am very pleased how it has turned out. I have always loved the Western theme and movies, colors and clothes so it was about time to add this little decor changes to our home.


Baby and Toddler Christmas and Winter Books….


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Emilia loves books. Always has and now with her getting older she appreciates them even more. She can now look at them herself and even tell us some made-up stories. 


Classic Books

Interactive / Lift the flaps Books


Baby Books


Hidden Objects Books


Animal Books

Advent Calendar Books

Movie Based Books



Toddler Halloween Tea Party…



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With Halloween coming closer day by day and Emilia at an age where she is able to understand what happens I wanted to explain this festivity to her but since most of it are way to scary, bloddy or else I decided to go with a cute Halloween Tea Party appropriate for a toddler.

I have found this adorable childrens plate set on amazon and thought this would be a great starting point from where I can build up my Halloween Tea Party table setting. The cute colors hit the right spot as well since we are in a total pink and blush phase at the moment plus kittens are always a good choice with Emilia.

The coffee table was the perfect size for the set up. The right height and not to small or too big. To add some drama (cause I love a dramatic setting) I went with an all black sequin table cloth we also used for Emilia´s Minnie Mouse birthday party. Some other spooky elements I loved were the bat balloon, the little ghosts, the black candles and the adorable checkered pumpkin.

Are you celebrating Halloween with your little ones in any way ??


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