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Happy Tuesday to all of my mamas,

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this post is for you. I wanted to round-up some of the latest baby things I got cause first of all we don´t always use anything I get (Emilia doesn´t like everything) plus baby items are so cute and I tend to order too much.

All of the products are available on amazon which means you get everything in one place plus most of them are prime shipping. I definitely slowed down purchasing stuff cause Emilia has her favorite things and mostly uses these. Sometimes she will play with something else but she always comes back around.


Play phone // I got this retro telephone because I had the exact same as a kid and thought she would like to play with it but it doesn´ t interest her at all so this was definitely a fail

Silicone bips // Awesome for feedings. The food will fall right into it which means less of a mess. 

Hair bows // These are adorable and come in every color you will need. The bows are clip in and hold up very well.

Dinosaur book // Emilia loves all the touch and feel books so I got her the dinosaur version. It is the cutest thing when she “reads” a book. 

Lego Duplo bus // We also have the animal and number train. I couldn´t wait for her to start playing with Duplo and maybe I got all these a little more for myself and for her but she likes to destroy all the trains I build.

Playmobil 123 safari truck // Got this cute safari truck for Emilia´s Easter basket. Can´t wait for her to open it. 

Philips Avent straw cup // She loves drinking out of her straw cup. I think she feels very “grown up” with this and I have a feeling she even drinks more with it than with her usual sippy cup.

Peppa Pig book // This book actually was for her little Valentine´s basket but it ended up being way to big so I gave it to her early and she loves to look under all the flaps.

NUK tooth set // Since we have 8 teeth now it is time to get Emilia used to brushing her teeth. This is going to be a tough one.

Cabinet childlooks // These were very necessary cause she stared to open the cabinets and pull out everything. They hold up very well and we didn´t have to exchange one yet.

Fruit nibbler // Never used this. I got it for teething to put cold fruit and ice inside but she didn´t know what to do with it and just played with the handle.

Bathrobe // This will be one of Emilia´s birthday present. A baby in a bathrobe is just the cutest.


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