Beach bag essentials……

Hi guys

it´s been some up and down with the weather since summer has officially started BUT everytime it is hot and there are a couple day I am out on the lake as long and as often I can.
Here are some of my Essentials: 
Of course a pretty and colored big bag for the towels and drinks and all the other stuff you need or want to bring with you.
Beach Bag – H&M
Shoes – Havaianas
Drink – Coca Cola

 This gorgeous “Beach Babe” Make-Up or hair accessory pouch.

Pouch – H&M
Sunnies – H&M
Blotting Papers – Essence
Lip Butter – Body Shop
Towels – Seahorse

Of course you gotta use sun protection spray. This is really important for me – because of the changing weather there isn´t a real chance to get used to the hot weather or the sun. 
Sunburn is really bad for your skin. It hurts a lot, it can cause fever in the night and of course if you are not using sun protection sprays or lotions for years it can cause some really bad skin cancer.

and I also have those gorgeous body oils from their summer line
The Monoi de Tahiti

the normal body oil 

and the one with the gold glitter of course 😉

but they are for your skin after sun bathing and showering to keep the glow on your skin and make it super soft.

I am always wearing a hat and sunglasses. 
First of all I don´t want to get my to dry (can not prevent it that good but in my opinion it doesn´t have to be worse) and second thing is I am  afraid of getting a sunstroke. 

Another real beach (or lake essential) are my Havaianas
 I totally fell in love with this brand as we were in Brasil for vacation some years ago.
Since then I am only wearing those if I am wearing flipflops.

I usually do not wear make-up on purpose. If am going later on the day there might be some left on my face (oops). Maybe some matte powder or just a bronzer.

What I always wear over my bikini is this super cute beach dress from H&M. 

Those are the main things I take with me while going to the lake.

Hope you had a great week so far.

Take care. See you. Love K.


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