Hi guys

I am really not a morning person – I am so tired after waking up even if I slept a long time but it´s still really hard getting up so early – so best for me is to be really organized in the morning so there can´t be any surprises (usually).

I am planning my outfits the evening before because I am so tired I do not get one creative thought so it would take ages for me to pick something to wear.

I am getting up a little earlier than my boyfriend does to get in the bathroom before him – he doesn´t need much time and I do have two sinks so it wouldn´t even be a problem but so we can go to the kitchen together.

COFFEE – the most important thing for me, otherwise I would be a total mess – and a glass of juice (usally we have an orange or vitamin juice). During the week we usually do not eat breakfast or just something small like a croissant or a doughnut. 
I make pancakes or scrambled eggs or waffles on the weekends.

walking my dog – she isn´t a morning dog either – I feed her and she
goes back into her bed. I couldn´t be more jealous at this point 😉

I am packing the stuff I need ( another coffee to go, my calender, my
bag, my cell and any other stuff I think I am gonna need) and go to

This is my morning routine on weekdays so far – the weekends are totally different. So in this case it would be a little difficult to give you a little sneek peek. 

 Are you a morning person ? Tell me…

Take care. See you. Love K.

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