Bee natural – tasty and organic lip balms

Hi guys 

today I am telling you a little about the latest  lip product I found. 
It is form bee natural and it is a lipbalm made of 100 % bee wax. so it is totally natural.
Maybe some of you already tried some products with bee wax as ingridient. Avon has some great products for example. It resists a long time on your lips an moistures them – to keep them healthy looking thougout the day or even night time.

They have two flavors: Mango and pomegranate. Tasted the mango one first – of course- because products which have a mango flavor it always my number one. always loved the scent and of course the fruit. The pomegranate one is also good but the flavor doesn´t come out as strong as the other one.
They are about 2 Euros each and I think they are a really great natural product. Can only recommend them.
More lip products coming soon… Keep reading.
Take care. See you.

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