Bootcut Leggings styled for Spring…


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I can not tell you how happy I am that the bootcut is back – everywhere. I remember that I had a pair of black bootcut leggings when I was ten years old and I loved them so much, I have worn them until they were practically non-exixtestent and I have never forgotten about them. 

So now 22 years later I still can´t stop thinking about that perfect pair of pants and now you can guess how happy I was when I saw that bootcut leggings are back. They are flattering and comfortable and super versatile. 

I have paired mine with a cute sweater and a denim jacket, a little Spring inspired cause I am so over Winter now. The pant I am wearing is brown but I also have the black one cause they are so good also they fit me with flats and heels. 

In my opinion a bootcut leggings is a lot dressier than it´s skinny cousin. Just think it ellaborates your look immediately. 

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