Casual Saturday #10….


Hi dolls and happy Saturday,
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our first week after vacation is over and it was let´s say okay. I was a little sad that our trip was over so fast but that is how it works right. Good times roll by fast.

We didn´t do too much this week since we came home Sunday late afternoon and imidiately visited my parents and afterwards we went to Florian´s parents for some indian dinner. So I was still unpacking on Monday and doing lots of laundry on Tuesday.

I made a flag cake in honor of the 4th of July and it tasted so good. It really is a easy recipe which needs a small amount of time and ingredients. 

Since eating so much pizza, pasta and bread during our vacation we decided to eat low carb for a while so I made this no carb salad with smoked salmon, onions, olives and eggs.

I am planning on a mexican evening plus dinner so I was thinking about a desert and immidiately Churros came to my mind so I was searching for a recipe and I tried it out yesterday (guess this was our cheat day).

I ordered some cooking equipment. A tin for pie from Kaiser and a dough cutter, a zoodle maker with a matching low carb cookbook and so beautiful kitchen towels – everything from amazon.


Also what do you think about those jeans from Vila. They have a flared hem and I think they are so much fun but I am not quite sure.

I also found this blouse from Vila on sale and I think it is a super versatile staple piece for your wardrobe and on sale for only 12 Euros. Who could resist ?

Another thing I have been dying to try are theses brushes from EmaxDesign. They are dupes to the artisbrushes – which cost a real fortune in my opinion – and I am really looking forward testing them.

I got a ton of make-up products from the Kiko Milano store in Bolzano so there is going to be a seperate post on the products soon and we also bought some stuff at the Carpisa store. They have the cutest bags with a little turtle logo so I could not resist at all.

The sixth series of Modern Family is out we are watching non stop. So glad something is continuing since we are still waiting on Game of Thrones.
That´s it. We are attending the line dance summer festival tonight and might for sure have some indian food tomorrow. 
As always thanks for stopping by. 
Take care. See you.

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