Casual Saturday #31…


Hi guys and happy Saturday,
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this sure has been a hard week for me. First of all I was still at the beginning and second of all I had to go to work in the end, even on Friday. But now it is the weekend. I am brainstorming new ideas and also new recipes. And overall there isn´t much I am doing. 

We are at a birthday party tonight. Let´s see how this turns out (starts with a soccer game on TV).

But first things first. I am already packing for our upcoming trip to Lake Garda so my bedroom looks chaotic. A lot. But my luggage from SuitSuit has arrived and I am so happy. It is big and pink (color is Pink Lady) and super affordable and I think it fits everything I want to take with me.

Also there is still some stuff I need to get. I really need a pair of great nude colored bras and I also wanted to have a pair of white statement earrings in shape of a flower or somehow white or nude.

I alos ordered some skirt from Asos (they had a 20% off day this week) but have to try them on first. I realized that in fact I don´t need anymore skirt for our vacation cause we can´t stay four weeks but Summer is starting so it probably won´t hurt.

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I also finally got my kitchen ready so this is going to be the next room I am shooting, also our entry way only misses one piece which is already ordered. So happy we can finally end the renovation and decoration phase and have much more time to do other things or nothing.

I have some new recipes I want to try out first but I am pretty sure there might be a bunch which are interesting for the blog.

The week in blog posts:
Monday – The perfect black asymetrical midi dress…
Tuesday – The white denim mini skirt…
Wednesday – Wedding Wednesday – DIY rustic wind lights…
Thursday – Cheetah print ruffle dress and bamboo bag…
Friday – Food Friday – greek summer salad…

But for now I am watching the Royal Wedding of Meghan and Harry.

I am wishing you all a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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