Casual Saturday #9….


Hi guys,
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this week has been a whirlwind on events.

On Sunday we had our weekly Indian take away dinner at Florian´s parents house. On Monday I had a line dance lesson, on Tuesday we went out for dinner and had to get several presents upfront. Florian´s sisters birthday party was on Wednesday. There was a company party on Friday an another birthday is today.So I am glad I already packed otherwise I think I would have to go on vacation with nothing but my travel outfit. Phew.

So after the enumeration of events we attend it might be no surprise that the TV was off the whole week.
But I started watching a few episodes The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt on Saturday evening last week and I really liked it. It is funny but still has some serious and important themes of everyday life and just the right amount of drama.

There wasn´t really anything we cooked this week. It truly is sad cause almost all we had was grilled stuff. 
We had been to a Thai restaurant on tuesday and the food was amazing. And by amazing I mean it.

And there wasn´t even time for shopping. I have seen some things on the internet like theses two dresses from bonprix. Polka dots and stripes are my all time favorite patterns. 

And I have ordered these sandals from New Look via Zalando but I am never quite sure about white shoes ?! Sometimes when I look down at my shoes I don´t like the white color at all and I love white for everything. Well maybe it is just me.
Another thing I got are these two candles. I love testing out the samplers from Yankee Candle or Village Candle to get to know the scent before buying a big jar and not using it. 
My hit is Black Coconut it smells so much like a masculine summer night. I didn´t like Summer Scoop to much cause it has such a light and sweet scent that I don´t like at all.

So guys that has been everything so far for this week.

I wishing everyone a nice weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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