Casual Saturday #40…


The weekend is finally here and I couldn´t be any happier. The last couple days have been filled with nothing but distraction and appointments so I wasn´t able to get anything done at home and that always bothers me. A lot. But I had a free day yesterday and got it all done so my chi is restored and I am happy about what the weekend brings for us.


On Tuesday we burried my great aunt and after that all of the relatives went to a typical Bavarian restaurant called – Spitalgarten – in Regensburg. I am not a huge fan of the native kitchen but I have no complaint here. I had fried potatoes with two pieces of meat filled with different ingredients. One was mediterranean filled with mozarella cheese and dried tomatoes and the other one was filled with swiss cheese and ham. Topped with cranberries it was a delicious lunch but it really is not diet food.

Yesterday we headed out with a befriended couple for dinner. We got Sushi at a place we have been many times but I think I have never told you about it here. It is called Oasia and I think it opened about 2 years ago. We had been there several times and always loved it. You can order your sushi rolls via IPad and I think this is so futuristic. The food is made fresh the minute you order it and comes to your place about 10 minutes later. They are super quick and also super friendly.

Also we went to Dean & David´s the week before and had a delicious and healthy chicken bowl. Really good with a ton of fresh and healthy ingredients. Also the chicken caesar salad is a hit.


I got some things I already ordered for our trip to Hamburg. Maybe too soon but I don´t think so because sales are in its full bloom and  you can also shop non-winter pieces.  These are the embodiment of Chanel class and sophistication but for a fraction of the prize and I also got a pair of sneakers for our trip but since I don´t do no heel I got these platform leopard print sneakers from SheIn which are adorable. Another piece I got are these white jeans from Mango. They have a wider leg and they are also high-waisted so what is not to love about them.


We started and finished YOU within this week. In my opinion it is really thrilling and I got hooked from episode 1. You really start to like him a lot more than her, although he is the crazy stalker guy and she the victim. Can´t wait until season 2. 

There is also one new episode of Riverdale every Thurday so this really puts my patience to test but . We are also still watching Supernatural (Season 2 now) and started the 11th season of Big Bang Theory.

I am wishing all of you a nice weekend. See you on Monday.