Gingerbread House Decorating for Kids…


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Happy Monday you guys,

it is a great one. The Christmas countdown has officially started. We are done with all of our Christmas tasks over here and enjoying the last with filled with tons of Christmas activites. Today is the annual Christmas party of our line dance group and on Thursday we are going on a dinner Christmas cruise and on Friday we are visiting the Christmas Circus plus I have planned lots of fun little things with my girls at home.

On the weekend we decorated our gingerbread houses and I was looking forward to this for so long cause it is so much fun now to see how well Emilia does decorating now. It is so much fun for her and she is so focused and concentrated. Just loved watching her.

A few years ago I made the dough myself and cut out all the shapes for a complete house but to be honest I am all about saving time and convenience now so I got a premade Gingerbread House kit. I also glued it together with hot glue wich was a game changer. We don´t eat them so it is also safe in terms of that.

I threw away the powdered sugar and the sweets from the kit and made my own royal icing and got some sweets that will work way better. The key is to have sweets or treats that are flat on one side so they are easier to glue to your house.

Gingerbread House Decorating

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