Coffee Table Decoration Ideas…..

Hi guys

I always loved – and still do love hosting all kinds of events like a brunch, a dinner or just an afternoon coffee meeting. Last thing we had yesterday. I had my whole family over for coffee and of course for some delicious cake to show them the new house we are living now ( – for gods sake it is already done). I had been thinking a lot upfront about the table decoration and I decided to go with an outisde theme as we were sitting on the patio. As I had this nice coffee table cup and plate set I decided to got with the colors green and purple – an awesome combination I did never recognice -but these colors rock toghether.

So here we go – this is everything I used ( got the flowers and the lavender from the fields behind the house and our garden)
So first of all for the drinks – besides the regular coffee I had some refreshing sparkling water  with slices of lemon for this little lemon scent in the water and as an apperitiv for the guests after arriving an Jules Mumm with Acai flavor – a brasilian berry.

I made two cakes ( we were eight people – so I was afraid it wouldn´t be enoug to eat) – the small one was a sand cake and the other one has been a Pina Colada cake with pineapples and some rum. Yummy 🙂

I cut some fresh lavender from our garden to make the little bouquets for the plates.  

I hope you all had a nice weekend and sorry for posting so late today. Oops.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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