Work Wednesday – my top essentials to make your work day prettier….

lunch bag JSK / mini fineliner amazon / planer 2018 via Asos / water bottle Depot / mug Starbucks similar here

 Hi guys, 
(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitag enthält Affiliate Links)
since I am spending most days at the office (like the most people do), I am working Monday to Thursday, I figured that it could be a little prettier there. But you probably won´t get any prettier from your work place so I figured I have to soround myself with my favorite office essentials.
Usually no one takes a lunch brake (don´t know why cause this would be really nice, eat together and chat a little) so I am bringing my food with me (there also isn´t a place around where you can get something to eat – like nothing). I recently got this lunchbag from JSK via amazon with this super fashionable houndstooth print. It has enough space for my lunch, my smoothie and even a small bottle of diet coke and some fruit. It is insulated from the inside so this cool or warm your stuff.
Another piece I adore is my Starbucks travel mug (all white one here). With the white ceramic, all the xo´s and the lipstick kisses all over this reminds me of Gossip Girl every time I look at it. Think Blair Waldorf walking down the New York streets with one of these. Adorable.

Since this is available in stores only (got mine in Munich) I am sharing my second choice with you. The Kate Spade thermo coffee mug as seen in this post. The print is called pink flamingo and I ordered it from Asos a few days before Christmas. Morning coffee really tastes better from a beautiful cup. But don´t be to sad if this one is sold out too cause I have never seen a Kate Spade mug I didn´t like.

I also have a glass water bottle I recently found at the Depot decoration store. It has a palm leaf print all over and a wooden bamboo lid. It can carry your hot tea as well as some juice or just water and for about 13 Euro this gadget is a real beauty to add to your office supply. I totally need something like this standing besides my screen and reminding me to drink enough throughout the day.

My planer is a piece I am constantly taking with me to keep track of upcoming appointments and birthday´s. I do have a calendar in my phone as well but I have to write it down on paper. I got this planer for 2018 from
 via Asos. I think they have the funniest and prettiest pieces.

Another tip to pop up your office space is to bring your own sticky notes and paperclips. These are so pretty and these are really funny.

Do you prefer taking your own pretty stuff to work with you and is there a thing you couldn´t live without?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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