Delicious Homemade Cinnamon French Toast for your Easter Breakfast…


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How amazing would it be if you are coming down the stairs on Easter morning and the amazing smell of a batch of french toast comes your way. I assume this would put a smile on any face. 

Since this is an easy and very well preparable meal I would suggest to incorporate this into your Easter brunch. 

I used pre-sliced french brioche but you could also buy a whole loaf of brioche and slice it yourself. So the secret is to put a dash of cinnamon into the milk before you put your slice in to let is soak the milk. After that you seal it with the egg mixture and put it into the pan.

Always use a spoonful of butter or fat or cooking spray cause it will definitely stick and won´t look pretty anymore. I am cooking on middle heat cause if it heats up the fast the egg on the outside will burn. 

After flipping it twice I pile it up on a plate, pour syrup over it and garnish it with butter flakes and berries.


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