Emilia´s 6 Months Update…


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How in the world is my sweet little baby already a half year old. I can not believe how fast time went and I am afraid that in another blink of an eye she is turning one. But let´s not get too dramatic (plays sad music and watches newborn videos of her baby on phone) and share what has happended this month.

Emilia´s 6 month update

Our biggest milestone this month has been introducing our sweet little girl into solids. She has eaten carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes so far and hasn´t been the greatest fan of anyhting. I recently introduced her to greek yoghurt and some mashed fruits and went a little better but she still is very spectical and eating with a spoon is still pretty new to me. 

I think she is starting to crawl very soon cause she gets up in position but lays down soon after cause the doesn´t know what the next step is. 

And we got a tooth, one little tooth. It came out 2 weeks ago and sleeping has been horrible since. The newborn stage was nothing in comparison with this but it is so worth it. She gets sweeter by the day and has such a sunny personality.

We do have some skin troubles. Dry and red spots that come and go but don´t stay away. I have tried several lotions to make it better but still at the process of finding a good one that helps to solve the problem. I had eczema as a child and I am afraid she is going to get that too.

Emilia has several favorite toys she loves to play with and that includes our remote control, Playstation controller and phones. Maybe it is the lights taht makes her so addicted to these or that we are using them all the time and she wants to have these too.

Sitting hasn´t been that good cause she just isn´t interested in sitting up by her own but we are practicing a little every day.

She has outgrown her Maxi Cosi so I got a permanent car seat for her this week and it made me so sad cause she it growing up so fast. 

So here´s to six months my love.


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