Gift Guide – Baby…

gift guide, baby gift guide, christmas, christmas gifts

gift guide, baby gift guide, christmas, christmas gifts

gift guide, baby gift guide, christmas, christmas gifts


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This is by far my favorite gift guide. I love to pick things for Emilia. Why are baby toys so damn cute?! Maybe that is one of the reasons we have way too much toys already.

I am always looking for cute things as well as toys she can learn things with and books.

Today´s gift guide is the last of the season because things won´t arrive in time after tomorrow so it makes no sense at all. I have only done four this year but with a baby at home it was enough stress. I always try to do different gift guides, not the usual ones you can see everywhere. I hope you liked them and it wasn´t too much.

Gift Guide for the Baby


SkipHop activity gym // We got this from a family friend and she loves to be in it. All the play features are awesome and it is the right height so she can also interact with our dog. 

Tummy Time Lama // I ordered this before she was born and to be honest she didn´t like it all for tummy time but now she frequently plays with it. 

Stacking pyramid // This entertain her a lot.

Stand-up penguin // We got this one some time back and it is her best crawl companion. 

Singing book // We don´t own this but I think the idea of a book playing a different song on each page is really cute. 

Wooden blocks // My husband probably loves them more than Emilia does. He builds little towers and she comes and knocks them over. They can entertain themselves with this for a long period of time.

Ball pit // We got one for our little girl for Christmas and I can´t wait for her to sit in it. She loves little balls and I think she will be in heaven.

Baby bath robe // Isn´t it the best to cuddle up in your soft robe after taking a bath? 

Mobile // This would be such a cute gift for a newborn baby. 

Baby armchair // We are going to get one for her birthday as she is a little to small for it now but in my opinion this is the perfect chair for a boss baby!!

Stuffed octopus // Looks very cute and soft and is available in a ton of color combinations.

Play mat // The mixture of the wood and the gray cushion looks so exquisite. Definitely not an eyesore for a living room.

Hopefully this has helped. I for myself found a ton of toys I am going to get for Emilia. Maybe not the best outcome but also not the worst.


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