Hand care products – get your manicure done

Hi guys

today just a quick post about some hand care products I am recently using.

The P2 hand and nail series ultra rich.

That´s the hand peeling. It is with primrose oil and bamboo particles to scrub off the old skin particles and make your skin new and soft. The smell is absolutely amazing.

After the hand peeling you should use the ultra rich hand cream to give your hand the hydrating they need after the peeling. Same ingridients. Incredible smell.

Here is another one. The ultra intense hand mask. If you have enough time you can use this one instead of the hand cream after the peeling or just as a hand mask for in between.

Last but not least – the apricot cuticle cream. I always use this one after I got some fresh paint on my nails. The nail polish remover always make my cuticles so dry. I dont´know why because I always have a mild one.

Also using it the most time before I go to bed. Great smell and the effect is also great. Works good for me.
So get yourself a manicure for summer time to have well maintained nails.

Next time I show you some feet care products, keep looking forward.

Take care. See you.

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