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 Happy Friday my baking loving friends,

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Valentine´s Day is right around the corner and if you are in need for some sinful and delicious little treats you are very welcome at my blog. I am always on the hunt for cute little sweetmeats and I think I have done pretty well the last two weeks. Have you checked out last weeks post about the best red velvet cupcakes I have made with vanilla frosting. In my opinion they are perfect for Valentine´s Day as well as rose colored raspberry macarons which are so light in texutre it is like you are eating a cloud.

The Recipe

I used the recipe from Lauren Gray´s blog as I wanted to try them so badly but haven´t found a simpler recipe anywhere else. It really is easy to make macarons so don´t shy away from it cause it looks super hard. I got the macarons baking mat from amazon and it really helped a lot in terms of sizing and shaping the macarons but I think in general it isn´t necessary. Just make sure you follow every step and not matter what happens sift the confectioners sugar otherwise it will get super lumpy and it won´t be the same. Also in terms of coloring you should use THE BEST food color I have found.

So for the recipe, I used ground almonds instead of the almond flour cause I didn´t want to buy a whole package for one recipe and I also had no raspberry extract so I left that away.

For the filling I mixed up butter, confectioners sugar and raspberry jam until it had a nice consistent. Pretty easy right. Just put the mixture into your piping bag and fill your macaron halfs with it. Don´t use up the whole space or it´s going to run over when you add the other macaron half.

Start baking

Make sure to give it a try and if they don´t turn out pretty the first time don´t throw them away cause they will still taste great.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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