How to handle Gestational Diabetes….

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FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!

Hi you guys,

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since you might know from reading my bump dates that I had been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes right away at the beginning of my pregnancy I thought I wanted to share my journey/experience so far to help others.

But first of all I am no docotor and in no means do I have any medical knowledgement. I am just sharing my journey and thoughts with you guys but before you do anything always talk to your doctor first. 

I personally haven´t known before how serious this can be for mother and child after giving birth but also how it wasn´t to hard to get control of it.

I was diagnosed with insulin resistence due to bloodworks before I got pregnant so I had to go in for the glucose test before I was even pregnant. An insulin resistence means that your body isn´t processing your sugar/carb/starch in-take in the way it should be which means your blood sugar levels rise and then start sinking. Mine fell after and then went up and then straight down. Also my sober blood sugar is a little over 90 every morning which isn´t to bad as a ´normal´person but pregnant it isn´t ideal for the environment of the embryo so I had to start injecting insulin right away after I found out I was pregnant.

This has been a huge bummer for me and really made me feel down a lot of times – not because I wasn´t able to eat what I like during my pregnancy cause I basically had to cut out most of the carbs, sugar and starch containing produts but I had to start prick myself 7 times a day to meassure my blood sugar and also inject insulin several times.

And as much as I was looking out at the first three months where your hormones are going crazy and through the roof this can also happen to your blood sugar levels. So I was devastated a lot of times and panicked often cause I literally thought I would kill my embryo by eating the wrong things and having super high results. Thankfully this got better after a few months and my insulin dose stayed consistent for longer periods so I didn´t have to adjust it constantly.

I have to take two different types of insulin. A short-term insulin right before I eat breakfast because food is processed the slowest in the mornings. So as I have to eat a little more for breakfast as I am always super hungry in the mornings I have to take this otherwise I can´t have enough food to be full. The other insulin I am taking is long-term. So I take a shot at 12 am to keep my sober level in the evenings as low as possible and a shot at 10 pm for my morning blood sugar level to keep it under 90.

The average blood sugar levels should be as the following. Under 90 in the mornings and before eating a meal and under 140 one hour after a meal and under 120 two hours after eating a meal.

If Gestational Diabetes is detected too late or stays untreated during pregnancy it can really affect your baby in a bad way in terms of their own insulin production after being born. They can also grow really heavy cause of all of the sugar they get which can be very difficult and dangerous for delivery. But this can be avoided by taking the glucose test at your doctor´s office.

I don´t want to scare anyone with this post, I am just writting down my own journey here. Also I am no doctor so if you need or want more information on this topic talk to your own OBGYN.

pregnancy, gestational diabetes, advice

But what is Gestational Diabetes ?

The further you get into your pregnancy the more energy you will need so your body sets more glucose free. To lower the sugar in your system your pancreas has to set way more insulin free. In some pregnancies the pancreas can´t perform this so you are soon having a lack of insulin and you need to support from the outside or you will have bad results after every meal.

Maybe this has cleared some things up for you and if you have any questions feel free to mail me?

This has been my last blog post about any pregnancy related topic or pregnancy style. I am really sad to close this chapter of my life for now but I am over the moon excited to open the next and have our little baby girl home with us.

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