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With the new year always comes the urge to start fresh around here (or at least to get organized, put away the Christmas decor and have a clean house). I have done lots and lots of organizing throughout the two years of the pandemic and some areas still need improvement but I am getting there. It gives me such a peace of mind and makes me love our house even more when everything is neat and has a place to go. 

With all the things Emilia has and has gotten for Christmas it is even harder to keep it tidy around here and I manage as best as I can but that will be another post for you guys where I specifically share want I did and why.

Now let´s have a look at the last areas I gave a proper cleaning. I am going to link as many boxes and little helper I used.


Kitchen – Spice Drawer

This was such a huge mess. I didn´t know half the things I had and always bought more cause I couldn´t find anything up to the point when I got almost crazy finding some of my spices and dediced to clean out the whole drawer.

I got these little glass containers in a set from amazon and they are super handy. They fit great into the drawer, they come with stickers to properly label your glass containers and a funnel to avoid messes. Love that the lids are labeled. 


Hallway – Shoe Closets

 I definitely am a little ashamed to share the before picture of my main shoe closet but yeah that is the real truth. I haven´t sorted this one for about two years and it definitely showed. I purged lots of shoes I don´t want to wear anymore as well as shoes that don´t fit anymore after my first pregnancy although I would say my feet are back to normal at about 95%. 

I sorted them by category. Flats and mules on the top and heels from the middle to the bottom. Sneakers in the middle. The super cool shoe riser are from Ikea and pretty awesome cause sneakers take up a lot of space and this way you save lots of space. 

shoe riser Ikea


Bedroom – Make-Up Vanity

If you follow me for a time now you might now that I love Ikea a lot and could make proper advertising for them by sharing parts of my home so of course I do have Ikea furniture in my bedroom as well. My vanity and the Alex container are both very handy in terms of storing make-up and little beauty gadgets. I have gotten baskets over the time to properly store all of my belongings and of course my labelmaker could not be missed. 

drawer divider Ikea


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