How to store (Christmas) Cards and Photos…


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The older I get the more I am all about making and keeping memories especially wth my two little children. Time is really moving fast and I want to capture as much as possible and that means many more pictures in the future. I am a paper girl. I need a planner to write in cause appointments on my phone just don´t count for me. Same with pictures. They are forgotten very soon if I don´t sort through them and print some from time to time cause I won´t go back years and thousands of phots to look at them. So photo boxes come in very handy. 

How I store our Photos

We have a ton of photos, especially after moving in together years ago we have all of our childhood photos to sort through as well. We have photos from our wedding, from vacation, festivities and of course our children. 


How I store our Christmas Cards

Cards usually come in lots of different sizes and finding a cute storage box to fit them all is quite the task so I am going with Katey McFarlan´s tip and store all of our Christmas cards and cards we get from friends and family on these little rings. They are super easy to use. I got a box of 50 (will probably last forever) for a few Euro and they really made my life easier. You just use a perforator and punch a little whole into the card and put it onto the ring and you are done. 



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