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Good morning guys and happy Thursday,

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I wanted to share a few of my daily looks I am posting frequently on Instagram Stories and also what we have been up to lately. I haven´t shared a Casual Saturday in a while and overall I have a feeling that I am neglecting the blog and Instagram a little these days but the unpredictable weather which means almost no shooting and if, still freezing like in December makes it hard for me to push through.

So for today I am doing a half Casual Saturday since it only is Thursday but hey better than nothing am I right ? We have been watching lots of series / movies lately on Netflix since the weather is still so awful and doesn´t animate to go out in the evenings or weekends.

So here is a little list of our current Neflix obsessions:

Jurassic Parc 1 – 3 // Loved them as a kid and still love them today. My grandfather gifted me one of those huge flashlights they used in the first movie for my birthday and I always ran around in the dark with it. Also I wanted to become an archaeologist after watching the movies a couple times. The Jurassic World movie aren´t as good as the Jurassic Parc ones but I saw them anyways cause of the dinosaurs.

The Mummy 1 – 3 // Recently came out on Neflix and I have to admit a few years ago I didn´t know much about the movie before I rode the Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster at the Universal Studios Florida. After that experience I saw both of the movies and rewatched them last week. We also found out that there is a third part playing in China which we will watch on Friday so let´s see how this turned out.

The Crown season 1 + 2 // This is the second time I started watching the Crown and I finally made it beyond the first episode. Now I really like it but I hate Phillip. He is such a douchebag and so unsympathetic but Elisabeth is great. I really think it is great to have the insight on what happended so many years ago in another countries monarchy and government in a on true events based show.

Grace & Frankie season 3 – 5 // One of the best and most uplifting but also thoughtful show I have seen in a while. And I love Jane Fonda. Do I have to say more.

Sugar Rush season 1 // If you are interested in baking I highly recommend it. They have awesome bakers with delightful creations on the show competing in three round for 100.000 $.

Nailed It! + Nailed It! – Mexico // The complete opposite of Sugar Rush. The contestants have no clue about baking at all and what to prove that it can´t be as complicated as said and to win 10.000 $ in cash. The end of story – the judges have to try horrible looking and tasting cupcakes, biscuits or whatever they are making. Love the judges´s humor, they are just to die for.

Modern Family season 7 // Season 7 was finally realeased on Netflix two weeks ago and we devoured it in two days.


For food I really haven´t tried out to much new things but I have some recipes I want to try for our Easter brunch pinned on my Pinterest. So feel free to check out my recipes board for some suggestions.

Another thing I discovered this week (probably the last person on earth) are podcasts. I love Jonathan van Ness from Queer Eye and I figured out that the has a podcast on Spotify called Getting Curious and I have already listended to six of them this week. He has a new one coming out every Wednesday and I enjoy listening to him so much as he has such a pleasant voice and is so lively and funny.


Last but not least my latest amazon finds and we are out for the day. Have a look at my Feburary purchases here.

Garment bag for my wedding dress. Finally have a big and clear garment bag where I can store my wedding dress in and have a look at it eveytime I want without taking it out of it.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan – I had this on my book list for forever and finally got the first book since I mostly like to read the books before I watch the movie and I have only heard good things about it so far.

Earbuds – got these so I can listen to podcasts and music while getting other stuff done. Super easy to install and use and the quality itself is great too. Perfect item for under 50 €.

Check out for tomorrows blog post if you are in terrible need of a quick and easy no bake sweet treat. As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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