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Happy Sunday guys,
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so for today (usually there wasn´t a beauty routine planned for today but my schedule got a little mixed up this week so I am sorry) I am sharing another round of my latest beauty buys (I have found a lot of stuff to try and I also have some random things to share I rebuy every time its empty) so let´s grab a cup of coffee and work through it.

The Styled Collection travel case // I first came across this as Katey Mc Farlan from Chronicles of Frivolty reviewed it and I loved it right away. Different compartment, see through and of course a chic design. You name it. But it usually costs 88 $ and that was way more I wanted to spend. So I left it and ordered it a few months lather as it was on sale for 55 $. So happy it finally arrived. We are travelling again in December and I can´t wait to try it. Currently it is on sale for 67 $.

NYX matte lipstick color Siren // A deep plum shade similar to a glas of merlot. This is a dark and moody color but still daylight appropriate. Would look awesome with a skirt or pullover in the same color. 
Bepanthol lip creme // So so happy I ordered this lip creme. Bepanthol is a health brand with usually sells cremes for insect bites and blisters so I was a little sceptical by ordering their product but I am glad I did. Best lip creme ever. I use it every night and it makes the most smooth lips I have ever had and especially quickly.

Rituals The Ritual of Dao hand balm //I have been using the body butter of this line for about two years now and what I love most about it that it isn´t to sweet and has a more masculine scent and bits and pieces of white lotus. I recently discoverd that they have hand balm so I had to have my favorite scent as a hand balm too. It also is a pretty decorative piece and would make a great stocking stuffer as well.

Chiara Ambra foot mask // This is kind of an odd product to me. I knew for a while it existed and finally ordered one with a couple of other products. The foot mask actually contains two sock like thin sheets with the product inside. You are supposed to keep it on for about 20 minutes and in this time you have to sit still (not with like a face mask where you can clean the kitchen with). I didn´t like the feeling at all sleeping into the cold and slimy sock actually it was really gross but it works like a dream. Super soft and hydrated feet. Exactly what you need after wearing boots all week.

L`Oréal Paris Elnett de Luxe hairspray // This is a really random but it is my favorite hairspray ever. I have been using it for years and although I have tried many different ones this one is my all time favorite. The smell, the texutre and the hold are one of a kind.

The Body Shop shea body butter and lip butter // Also another random thing I love. The The Body Shop shea body butter has been a staple of mine for years. My skin gets unbelievably dry in the winter (it´s almost dusting and I am by far not exaggerating) so I always keep a pot of it in my bathroom drawer (the other body lotion for the Winter I love is from Neutrogena). A body butter is a richer lotion which is exactly what your skin needs in the winter. It is a bit pricey

MAC Shiny Pretty Things red lip kit // After the beautiful artic and snowflake inspired holiday collection they had last year I have been waiting desperately for this years products. They are a 100% different than last year. Everything was white with silver sparkles and frozen feels and this year it is vibrant, colorful and holographic. I (of course) got a lipstick set. The red lip kit including one liner in the color Cherry, a lipglass in color Pom Date and of course a red velvet matte red lipstick in color Blazing Yule (not extra available since the shade is only made for the holiday collection). The pouch is super cute. Hot pink with a metallic finish and a bow as zipper detail. The whole set is absolutely adorable. The red shades are just gorgeous and I am totally satistifed with it. Would make a super cool stocking stuffer as well as a nice gift. 
 I will probably have another beauty post next week or the week after cause I did find some intersting stuff on the weekend I want to try first. 

We are out and about to see a play which is called the ice queen so let´s see how this turns out. Be sure to follow on Instagram.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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