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Hi guys and happy Halloween,
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yesterday was the scariest day of the year and we spent in Rust at the Europapark. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen it, otherwise have a look (@madame_schischi). 

But let´s get back to normal work. Since yesterday was the last day of October I am rounding up all the beauty prodcuts I have bought and tried throughout the last month.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in color 50 Voyager
This is the most longlasting lip color I have ever tried. It stays and stays and stays and also after I showered the color was almost unchanged. The color dries almost immidiately and gets matte after. The color leaves kind of a sticky feel on your lips which gets less sticky throughout the day but that is something you should know. The color I choose is a dark and deep red shade which I especially love for fall. I would totally recommend this product.

L´oréal Paris nail polish color 666 absinthe verte 
Another color of my favorite nail polish line. The color wasn´t available in stores anymore so I had to get it from amazon. It is a lighter olive shade. Paint it twice for a darker shade.

The color was very hard to get used to cause I looked like an avatar after applying it but the mask itself is great. It makes my face so soft and so fresh looking. It is the latest of the L´oréal mask selection and I think so far the best one. Worth a try. I am using it twice a week as it became my go-to mask. One of the main ingridient are 

Not as good as I thought. The idea of the procuct was to only take a shower and must´t apply body cream after but this is not enough for me. I need a much richer prodcut, especially for the colder month. This might work for summer and I am definitely gonna try it again then. The smell is really good, also the price point.

Rituals – touch of happiness body cream – sweet orange and cedar wood
I got this body lotion for quite a while now but I haven´t used it cause I thought the orange and cedar wood scents would be more winter appropriate. The smell is so so good. I love it and I already got the original sizes for the colder months. The body lotion has a thick consistency and is very rich. Perfect for dry skin.

Rituals – shower oil – the rituals of sakura
This is my most favorite scent  of the Ritual shower oils ever. The shower oil has a oily consistency and you don´t need very much cause it foams pretty good. Leaves an oily but not  greasy film after washing it off so your skin feels soft and nourished.
L´oréal Paris brow artist in 102 cool blonde
I was searching for a new brow pencil and I decided to give this one a shot. It isn´t bad but I think I am gonna go back to a brow powder. The color fits really good for me. The shade is called cool blonde. The consistency of the pencil is pretty hard. So be sure to not pull it out to far cause I already broke mine twice. 

Balmain x L´oréal lipstick in color Freedom
There is nothing more to say about this. The limited edition was available at our local drug store and I bought this color cause I forgot to preorder it. The shade is a light orchid shade. Really pretty. A bold and rich color with a matte finish. Typical L´oréal lipstick quality.

Catrice matte 6h lip artist in 050 fashion reditorial 
This is probably the cheapest and my most favorite lip color I own. This is already my third one. The color is the perfect red shade for me which I am using throughout the whole year. The consistency of the lip crayon is super soft and so pigmented. You really don´t need much color. The matte finish is great. I think it does last about six hours but I also don´t mind reapplying it.

Artdeco nail polish in 689 terra red and 997 golden moments 
Artdeco is also one of my favorite brands for almost everything. I especially like their nail polishes cause they are longlasting and the colors are all so pretty. They are also at a good price point with 6 € each.
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