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Welcome July and welcome Summer,

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I know I am a little late with my Amazon June review this month but to be honest I totally forgot about it. How in the world could this happen ? I really don´t know cause to be honest there isn´t a day going by were I am not on their site looking for something.

Every month is a huge mixture of different things and categories so there might be some things for every one.

Baby footprint box // To commemorate our little girl´s foot print and hand print. She grows so fast so this was a total must.

Tie-Dye kit // Hopped on the trend wagon and made our own tie-dye shirts. Color last for at least 10 pieces. You can read my post about the diy post here

Fischer Price baby seat // Got this cause she want to sit up all the time and so I can take her around the house with me while getting some things done and she can´t tip over.

Brush / pencil holder // Another piece to keep things organized.

Mirrored tissue box // An awesome addition if you want to glam up your vanity or powder bath. Definitely a lot prettier than the paper tissue boxes. 

Acrylic container // Got this set to start storing my change again to save up for another designer item. I did this the way with my LV Neverfull GM. I was putting every penny in there and it added up so I could finally buy it for my 30th birthday and didn´t miss the money at all.

Mirrored rose gold cosmetic container // My SIL´s birthday had been in June I wanted to get her something fancy but funtionable for her bedroom and this set of two rose gold mirrored boxes totally fit the bill. Going to get the silver version for myself.

Intex baby pool // Got this for Emilia so she can join us outside.

Skirt hanger // The most space saving hangers I have ever had. I have about 12 skirts on every hanger and it is still slim and fits nicely into the closet.

Grundig toaster // Since our old toaster broke down I decided to get a new and matching red one for my kitchen. 

Tie-Dye cap // I am not owning one cap but finally pulled the trigger on this one because I love the tie-dye trend and it looked so cute plus it´s a great piece to wear on bad hair days. 

American Royals // A light Summer read for vacation or Summer at home.

New Look tiger kimono // The kimono trend is in full swing this Summer and there are a ton of options out there. This creme and black colored tiger print piece will follow into Fall as well. 

Weekly planner // I use it to plan my low carb meals for myself and also write down my progress in terms of getting back in shape like daily weight and exercises. 

Jersey maxi dress // The most beautiful Summer maxi dress with Hawaiian flower print. Brightens our social distancing days. 

Mug heater // If you ask me a total must if you have a busy job at the office or a baby/toddler at home as coffee get´s cold quickly and this gadget does a great job of reheating it.

Oh wow June has had a ton of amazon finds but also lot´s of practical things. I like doing these every month for you. Are there some pieces you would love to hear more about?

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