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FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!


(post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links-not sponsored)

Welcome to another month of my amazon finds. This has become quite the fun to share my monthly amazon purchases with you. I love to read what others get off of amazon cause as they offer millions of acticles there are always really fun finds or super practical things or also a ton of great fashion.

I haven´t gotten that much for March but still loved every of the pieces I got.

My Amazon March Finds

amazon essential maxi dresses // I personally love a great maxi dress and these were perfect for my 9 months pregnant body. Also the colors I got were on sale for 6 Euro each which totally was a steal. 

Tummy time lama // This will be so cute for the baby once she can have tummy time. Has some features to it to keep her distracted. 

Happy Birthday dog toy // Chloe´s birthday was on the 26th of March and we got her this cute birthday cake shaped toy. She loved it ever since and takes it anywhere.

Wood buckle belt // A huge trend for Spring and Summer. They come in a ton of colors but already start to sell out fast. I also have the pink one in my shopping cart. Super cute and trendy for the upcoming seasons.

Raspberry leaf tea // I have read about this in so many pregnancy magazines and all said drinking a cup of raspberry leaf tea 

Navy cotton napkins // Got these for our Easter brunch and the set-up turned out great. They are pretty big for cotton napkins and really thick. Great quality for a pack of 12 under 20 Euro. More about my Easter table decor here.

Disney puzzle // We ordered this 1000 piece puzzle to keep us occupied during the quarantine time and finished it in about a week. But that was fine cause the baby came short after so it totally had its purpose. My post about things to do at home is here.

Earring set // I sent this back cause after receiving it I already got a few pairs of earrings very similar to some out of the set so I really didn´t need other pairs but the set is really cool and also great for the price of under 15 Euro.

Velvet hangers // Since we can´t go anywhere I was researching amazon up and down for velvet hangers. Haven´t gotten any other hangers than Ikea for probably the last 10 years and while I think the ones I got are a little thin they are perfect for blouses and slippery satin tops or shirts. 

High waisted leggings // These are going to come in handy after giving birth because they are high-waisted and going to suck in the loose stomach. The material is super thick and stretchy. Not seethrough at all and the perfect leggings to train in but I am going to wear them for lounge wear/everyday wear. 

Silicone baking mat // Saw this on another bloggers story and thought it would be perfect in terms of saving resources. Taking little steps for the environment goes a long way.

That´s it for my March finds. If you want me to review anything or have questions about something feel free to contact me.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend although in quarantine and probably without your family but this will definitely be a Easter to remember for the rest of our lives.

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