What´s in my hospital bag and what I acutally used…

pregnancy, hospital bag, what´s in my bag, packing list, getting ready for baby, pregnancy style

pregnancy, hospital bag, what´s in my bag, packing list, getting ready for baby, pregnancy style
pregnancy, hospital bag, what´s in my bag, packing list, getting ready for baby, pregnancy style

pregnancy, hospital bag, what´s in my bag, packing list, getting ready for baby, pregnancy style

pregnancy, hospital bag, what´s in my bag, packing list, getting ready for baby, pregnancy style

pregnancy, hospital bag, what´s in my bag, packing list, getting ready for baby, pregnancy style

pregnancy, hospital bag, what´s in my bag, packing list, getting ready for baby, pregnancy style


FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!

Happy Saturday you guys,

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I am finally sharing my hospital packing list here on the blog today. I wanted to share it before giving birth (at least I had ii tready) but ended up waiting what I really needed / used during my three day stay at the hospital. I packed a ton of stuff and to be honest most of it went back home with me unused. 

The time flew by with a newborn and a lot of things I took with me I had no time to use at all. My eyemask for example or my nice robe to take picutres in. 

The things I packed for myself

Hospital bag // My hospital bags are from Reisenthel and I got two different styles but matching in the houndstooth pattern. A nice thing is also that you can get them customzed with your initials. They hold a ton of stuff but still coudln´t be closed.

Flip Flops // Definitely a must have cause you don´t want to run around in the hospital bathroom wiht your bare feet. It is just disgusting although they get cleaned every day.

Cooling Maxi Pads // I ended up totally forgetting about them cause to be honest after the baby was out I haven´t had any pain left down there so I absolutely forgot about them but I used them a few days later to cool my hemorroids.

Phone Charger // Make sure to get a charger with an extra long cable as the next plug probably won´t be near your bed.

Water Mug // Probably my most used item from labor and delivery (at some point I couldn´t get my head up from pain so a water mug with straw was perfect) to recovery in the hospital room and I am still using it at home as I have to drink a ton of water for producing enough milk.

Peri Bottle // It was a great idea to get this but water will spread everywhere and it gets real messy pretty quick. I ended up using this at home but not in the hospital so it probably isn´t a must have.

Stool Softener // This is gold. Take it everyday from the day of delivery and as long as you need it. Especially if you have gotten a few stitches from tearing or hemmoroids. It will safe you a lot of pain.

Slippers // Same reason as for the flip flops.

Travel Mirror // Especially practical if you have to share your room cause you can get ready without using the bathroom. Also I am not sure if every hospital bath has a mirror. 

Nursing Pads // I ended up forgetting about them cause I did not have a lot of milk the first few days and wasn´t in need of them cause there was no leaking.

Night Light // A awesome find. Definitely a must-have. You can leave it on besides your bed dimmed to lowest and make it lighter in case you have to use the restroom or breastfeed you newborn. Not having to turn on the actual room light is golden.

Fuzzy Socks // I was told that cold feet could slow down labor so I packed a pair of warm and fuzzy socks but I ended up progressing so quick I totally forgot about them and also did not need them.

Bath towel // Make sure to take your own towel with you as the hospital towels are super small to not existing. Not every hospital provides a towel. Mine did not have any. Also I would recommend getting a darker color if you don´t have one at home as you won´t stop bleeding the first days.

Nursing bras // Totally necessary if you are planning on breastfeeding. Also make sure to pair them with tops that make breastfeeding easy. Any other way you will sit there half naked and that is not to much fun.

Witch Hazel // Ordered the big bottle off of amazon and put it on my maxi pads. Soothed and helped

Pouch for documents // I didn´t want to take a handbag with me to the hospital so I got a pouch to put all of our documents in (ID, health insurance card, marriage papers and anything else your hospital requires) as I wanted it easy accesable and everyhting in one place. 

Little wallet // Since I didn´t know that I wasn´t able to leave the room before I packed some money in this little Coach wallet and my ID cards and more but I didn´t use it at all cause I couldn´t visit the cafeteria.

Mesh underpants // The hospital provided these for me but I didn´t get any to take home so I used them at home for about a week or so. Not glamorous at all but super comfy.

Girdle // I have worn this the first two days non-stop at the hospital cause I felt like I had no middle anymore and that was such a strange feeling. It really helped to pull everything together and was also very good for postpartum belly.

Hospital gown //Got this nightgown cause I thought the hospital would provide their own and I don´t like them being open on one side but they didn´t have any in labor and delivery, in fact I got my baby in the clothes I was wearing as I came to the hospital as at some point I totally forgot to change. But I am wearing it now as it is also a great night gown if you are breastfeeding or pumping as you can open it on each side. 

Nursing pj // Got two pairs of these. The dark red and the dark gray. They are super soft and perfect for nursing. I have also worn them at the end of my pregnancy as nothing else fit me anymore which means they are super stretchy.

Nice pj for pictures // I did not wear this nice pair in the hospital at all as I only spent two nights and also did not take any photos. But it is a great pj to wear during pregnancy or after delivery. The brand is Asos and they carry a ton of great maternity pjs.

2 pairs of sweat suits (jacket and pants) // I had to be in my room all day so it would have been perfectly acceptable to wear pj´s around the clock but to feel more put together a nice sweat suit is essentially.

Nice robe for shoot // Mine is from PinkBlushMaternity and it has the most beautiful yellow shade to it. I got a matching swaddle set for baby girl in the prettiest rosewood color but never used it in the hospital which made me really sad but picutres weren´t allowed as no one could visit but we already shoot the look at home and I am going to share the pics with our upcoming birth story. 

Comfy blanket // I had two purposes in mind for this one but ended up only using it to sleep at night and lay baby girl on it. The second reason I packed it was to have a nice blanket when shooting our arrival pics but we ended up not to as we only had one hour visiting time a day.

Travel beauty case // Such a good size to travel with as it holds a ton of stuff. I had all of our snacks, my toiletries, make-up, medicine and vitamins in there plus the blush pink and the cross stitching are super cute. 

The things I packed for baby girl

Monogrammed pink pouch // The personlized pouch was one of the first things I got for her. I personally love personalized things, got a ton for myself so of course baby girl had to had some to. Great to bring along with you in your diaper bag. It holds, pacis, lotion and all the small stuff you could possible need but don´t want to get lost in the bag. 

Packing cube // With all the clothes I packed for baby girl as they are super tiny and I didn´t want to loose any. I included a few different outfits, swaddles, a bunch of onesied and pj´s, pacifier (she did not take them in the hospital) mittens, socks, headbands (didn´t fit at all as her head was still to small), 

Portable white noise mashine // Totally forgot about it and therefore did not use but I should have cause it was super loud in the hospital and she had a hard time sleeping at night so next time definitely going to.

Wooden name tag // Wanted to include this for her first official announcement photos in the hospital but we took them a week later at home. I personally don´t mind as long as I got to take them at all. You can see them here in our first official post. 

Going home outfit // This was all planned out but somehow all the pieces I had in mind for her to wear had different sizes and so I ended up only dressing her up in about half the pieces as the jacket for the look was sizing 2-4 months and she barely fit into her newborn close cause everything was to big.

Monogrammed muslin swaddle // Also for photos but I also use it when she spits up as it washes very well and is super cute. The variety of colors and fonts to pick of is huge. You will definitely find one you like.

Baby blanket // Bought this one to complement the swaddle above as it has exactly the same color as the font of her name all over. I swaddled her in her name blanket and laid her on the baby blanket. Picture is going to be in our one month update if you are interested.

Swaddle set for photos // This was planned to be photographed in the hospital with my Pink Blush Maternity robe but it ended up not happening cause of the stupid Corona crisis. Nevertheless the material is super soft and the swaddle is huge and totally stretchy. Plus the turban is adorable on our baby.

Wow this has been a lot to read so congrats if you have made it this far. That is all I took with me and I probably ended up only using half of it but isn´t that always the case. Everything you don´t overpack you are definitely going to miss.

There are two more planned posts for you guys and then I am back to normal everyday writing business. Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday.

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