My Third Trimester…

third trimester, pregnancy, maternity style, pregnancy style, third trimester review

third trimester, pregnancy, maternity style, pregnancy style, third trimester review



FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!

I can´t believe I am sitting here writting my third trimester post which means my pregnancy is over and we have our sweet baby girl home with us. I have to admit the last trimester and especially the last 6 weeks felt endless. I was counting down the days but somehow they didn´t get less and I was stuck on waiting until she wanted to arrive in this world. 

My feelings

I have felt a lot of ups and downs followed by crying during my third trimester. With the madness of the Coronavirus approaching I was terrified that I had to give birth alone cause husbands would be banned from the delivery room. Luckily it did not came this far although he had to leave after I was brought to my room and could only visit for one hour a day but I only had two days in the hospital so it was okay with me, sad but okay.

My aversions

Haven´t had any aversions in my third trimester.

My cravings

Apples. Every day I am craving apples. I haven´t eaten apples in forever and in fact never liked them. I am also a little allergic to apples (my throat scratches and my lips start to swell) but that had gone as well. I am really curious if it comes back now that the baby is here.

My pregnancy symptoms

I haven´t gotten much more pregnancy sypmtoms other than my gestational diabetes, heart burn and severe rib pain. The bump has gotten so big I don´t find a lot to wear anymore which makes me really sad a lot of days I have to get dressed. Even my maternity pieces are getting pretty tight around the bump. Also sleeping has been really dreaded over here. I have so much pain going on in my hips after lying to long on one side. This is really bad cause I have all the comfortable blankets and pillows but can´t find a comfortable pose. 

What I am looking forward now

Staying home and finding a schedule that works for us for our new everyday life. Days fly by with a newborn. Also I can´t wait till people are allowed to visit again cause of course I want to share our little cutie with our relatives and friends.

I am going to share my birth story within the next weeks but I still have some prepared posts I wanted to share. 

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