One Month with Baby Emilia…

1 month update, baby update, baby progress, 1 month, baby girl

1 month update, baby update, baby progress, 1 month, baby girl

1 month update, baby update, baby progress, 1 month, baby girl


It marked one month yesterday since we had our sweet little baby girl and I still can´t believe it. Time has flown by. My husband is back to work after his one month maternity leave which means he is just working from another room these days but still. 

3 days

4 weeks

I remember the moment they layed her onto my chest like it was yesterday. The sweetest tiny baby I have ever seen. Today had been our one month check up at the pediatrician. She gained about 1,5 kg since her birth which is great cause I always had the thought she doesn´t get enough breastmilk.

One Month Progress

She definitely became more alert. She is following lights with her eyes and looks at bright and patterned things. She starts to smirk and smile and I can´t wait for her first baby laugh. Another thing I love are baby sneezes – aren´t those the cutest. 

She has grown 6 cm already which means some of her clothes aren´t fitting anymore and that makes me so sad. I don´t want her to grow up this fast but I am also happy she is developing as one healthy and happy baby.

Eating most of the day and taking long naps are some of the things which are our day to day business She is a pretty good sleeper so I only have to feed her twice a night and then she usually stays asleep until eight or half past nine. We recently started tummy time and she is doing pretty well.

Kicking is one ability she recently added to her skills so I ordered an activity playmat for her. Also her grasp is getting tighter by the day and she might start holding things soon.

Her hair is getting more and darker every day but I am still not quite sure what her definite hair color will be.

We still can´t decide if which one of us she resembles more but this will hopefully change in the coming weeks. 

I am going to share  a post about all the things we use on a daily basis and can´t get through without in about four weeks. This gives me enough time to try and test each product.

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