Our Christmas Dinner Table Decoration….

Hi guys
maybe you have seen my last years Christmas table decoration (view the post here). I still lived in the flat and did not have much space so I could only invite my parents. But now moving to the new house and knowing new people and of course my honey I decided to give a big Christmas dinner on the 25th of December.

First off all I decided to go with a traditional color theme in white and red. It sounds kinda boring but I like this one the most. Second of all I browsed through the internet to set up a menu with different courses for the evening.
And finally the table decoration – I am a sucker for table decoration you might have realized this. I browsed through the Internet for items and I bought a few interieur design magazines for some inspiration but now I got everything together and it turned out really great. 

Table cloth / Red plates / White plates / Napkins / Plate / Champagne cooler / Candle holder large medium small / Water glass sold out similar here and here / Vase / Mushrooms old / Garland, Christmas tree balls and Candy canes from our local drug store 

Skirt / Pullover similar / Heels / Earrings similar

What are your plans for your tablespace ?
I would love to hear about it.
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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