Outfit: Blue Dress and an Orange Clutch….

Hi guys

don´t we all sometimes need a Vitamin C infusion with some fresh fruits ?! I found the perfect one for me. This super cute and absolutely gorgeous clutch from Mango. The oranges are sewed upon the handbag so you can feel them while holding it, it is not just a print. The colors also match so well together – the orange crushes into the vibrant blue so you can only leave a WOW for this one. My first comment when I saw it and after that I totally had to get it.

Had worn this look on a family date night out at a greek restaurant. The greek cuisine had always been a favorite of mine. I mean who else doesn´t like Gyros, French Fries and Rice…..?!
I kept the dress and shoes pretty simple to set the focus on this adorable bag. 



Clutch – Mango
Dress – H&M old (similar here and here)
Heel – Buffalo old (similar here)

Wishing everybody a wonderful Weekend.
We are heading away now to a secret tour. Let´s see how this is gonna be.

Take care. See you Love K.

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