Outfit: Orange Pullover and Short Brown Skirt….

Hi guys

I know you might be sick and tired of my pleasure bout fall but one more thing I like a lot about the weather is that it´s not to warm for tights but not to cold to go for the real thick ones. So what is inbetween – right ! – fishnettights. I always liked them but in fact they don´t work for all kinds of outfits – maybe that´s only my opinion – cause for some kind of skirt or dresses I think it looks too sexy for a daytime outfit but there are two colors which tone down the whole thing. That would be a nude color or grey or brown.

Pullover – H&M old
Skirt – Amisu old
Heels – Buffalo
Bag – Guess
Scarf – H&M sold out
Tights – unknown but similar here
Sunnies – Ray Ban
Wishing everyone of you a great sunday.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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